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Old 3 tab roof needs replacement Knoxville, TN.

This old 3-tab roof is in poor shape.  Litespeed Construction was called out to inspect the roof’s condition and make recommendations.  Before anyone purchases this home, they should budget for a new roof.

Old 3 tab roof leaking

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    Old metal ridge vents

    These old ridge vents have several nails pulling out of decking and allowing water under shingles, causing soft spots and rot in the sheathing.

    this is a picture from above of an old metal ridge vent in powell tn

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Back of house

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    Sagging sheathing due to leaks and rot

    this is a picture showing how bad of condition that the old shingle roof is in

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    Non-functional gutters and downspouts on

    this is a picture of a gutter downspout that has been poorly repaired with roofing cement

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    Soffits in need of repair

    this is a picture of a failing gutter on this home

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