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New Gutters For Home In Knoxville, TN. This home in Knoxville, TN, is a prime candidate for new gutters and gutter guards. The gutters on this home are probably close to twenty years old, and it is time to change them. The back left side of the house will also need fascia repairs. About twenty feet of the fascia is falling off the house and need replacement. The backside will also be getting new gutter guards.

New Gutters Needed

  1. 1
    Leak Inside Home

    The home is experiencing a leak in the master bedroom of the house. The leaks seem to be coming from water getting in under the shingles. You can see rusty nails under the shingles. These nails will be sealed, and all boots will be sealed.

    This is a picture of rusty nails under a black shingle This is a picture of rusty nails under a black shingle.

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  2. 2
    Fascia Falling Off

    The fascia on the back left side of the house is falling off. The fascia uses a 2×4 and 1×6. It is falling off and causing the gutters not to do their job. Water is getting in between the gutter and fascia and running down the house.

    this is a picture of fascia falling off of a house

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    Video Of Failing Gutter
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