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Mis-nailed shingles caused a roof leak in Knoxville, TN.

Mis-nailed shingles that are too close to the unions of two shingles can cause roof leaks. This roof is is-nailed, which is why the roof leaks.

Leaking area of roof to be repaired

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    Mis-nailed shingles

    Shingles mis- nailed have caused roof leak. Nails underneath shingles are causing leaks three-tab shingles have more opportunities for water to hit nails because there are more shingle unions.

    This is a view of the shingle being lifter to show the nail head.

    This is a close up of a nail head in a shingle. This is a shingle being lifted and showing the nail head.

    The shingle is lifted to show the nail head.


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New Red gutters going to look amazing, always nice when trim matches.

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    Existing gutters are holding water.

    Existing gutters are holding water, causing breeding grounds for mosquitos, and leaking.

    This is a view from the roof of the gutters. This is the view of the gutters at the eave of the roof.


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