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Knoxville Roofers inspected this home with an old roof and siding needs. The roof is an old black three-tab roof that has been leaking for a long time. There would be a lot of wood that would also need to be replaced. About three trusses will need to be worked on along with all of the OSB boards. There are many, many soft spots on the roof. The customer would also like new gutters and gutter guards installed all around the home.

Old Three Tab Roof In Need Of Replacement

  1. 1
    Old Roof With Leaks

    This old three-tab roof has many leaks and many soft spots. Considering how many soft spots there are, this roof will require OSB boards to be replaced. There will be about four rafters that will need to be fixed. We should be able to sister onto the damaged rafters and replace the boards.

    This is a picture of an old black three tab roof This is a picture of a cracked rafter that will need to be repaired This is a picture of a cracked rafter at the ridge

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  2. 2
    GAF Shingles To Be Installed

    The new shingle will be a GAF charcoal shingle. We will also install starter shingles, drip edge, ridge cap, and all new pipe boots.

    This is a picture of an old black three tab roof.

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  3. 3
    New Gutters and Gutter Guards

    This home will require all new gutters, downspouts, and gutter guards. It will need 75’ of gutters and gutter guards and 55’ of downspouts.

    This is a picture of a black roof with gutters full of leaves.

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