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Leaks in Three Tab Shingle Roofs. This is a roof that has old three-tab shingles and decking that is soft. This roof is being inspected for soft boards.

Soft words are caused either by delamination, which is the roof boards getting dried out and crispy due to heat, or by roof leaks causing rotten boards. Either way, there is a substantial amount of board issues on this roof, and with the price of OSB due to Covid being very expensive, this is something that is going to be very careful about when inspecting roofs.

Roof leaks cause OSB to rot

    Roof leaks cause OSB to rot

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      Video of Roof Inspection with Roof Leaks

      This is a video showing soft OSP boards that might be because of roof leaks.

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    2. 2
      Metal ridge vents can cause roof leaks

      This is a picture of a ridge vent with possible roof leaks

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      This is the edge of the roof and as you can see their gutters are full

      Roof leaks can get caused by full gutters

      Full gutters can cause roof leaks so this is something customers need to be aware of if they want to avoid having a roof leak to clean their gutters.

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