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Proposed silicon roof coating for administrative portion of roofing.


Proposed TPO overlay over existing rubber roof on right and left roof edges.

Aerial Image of Roof

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    Inspection Video
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    Rubber roof is lifting here

    Rubber roof that is lifted

    The section of rubber roof is lifting in this picture. Also the edge metal and the interface of the rubber to the metal roof is in really bad shape. These are all things that we will address on the upper section of this roof when we do repairs.

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    Administration portion of roof

    The administrative portion of this roof is where there are offices and classrooms. This section of the roof would need to be coated.  The coatings that we would install would require a thorough clean of the roof plus Flashing at penetrations And a silicone topcoat over the EPDM rubber roof.  We are proposing in Aldo roof coating here.

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    Left side of rubber roof

    The left and right sides of this roof looked the same. It will be the same solution that we propose which is to add new TPO roofing from the metal roofing panels to the edges of the roof. Including new drip edge and cover tape here to ensure that these portions of roofing will not leak.

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