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Leaking Flat TPO Membrane Roof. Upon inspection of this old TPO flat roof membrane in Knoxville, Tennessee, I found several issues with maintenance and installation and some areas with leaks. The seams are falling in several places on the flat portion and the parapet walls. Replacement is recommended. However, repairs are possible.

TPO membrane with 5 foot spacing for seams and leaks overview

    Tpo flat membrane roof with 5 foot seam spacing and several issues overview

    1. 1
      Here, you can see where the seam is torn and water is injured underneath the membrane causing it to detach

      Photograph of tear in TPO membrane

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    2. 2
      Rooftop video TPO membrane
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    3. 3
      Ponding water from a leak and wet deteriorating insulation board

      Photograph of ponding water

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    4. 4
      Gutters at the back of the building are detaching from the building

      Photograph of bad Tpo seems

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    5. 5
      Evidence of water penetration at several areas and bad seams

      Tpo Membrane coming apart at the seams

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    6. 6
      Poor installation and bad patchwork on TPO membrane at parapet wall front corner

      Photograph of bad TPO membrane at parapet wall corner

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