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Here we have a large and steep roof with some installation issues. On the upper rear portion of the house, there is an area where two hips come to a point in a narrow section. The pitch is much less at this slope, and the ridge should have been overlapped with felt rather than gapped. This home’s roof has some age and will likely need total replacement shortly. However, this is a repairable issue.

Bad lap seal over ridge

  1. 1
    Delaminated ridge cap shingles over non lapped hip joint.

    These ridgecap shingles are leaking likely due to improper installation

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  2. 2
    Roofs with a lot of valleys, hips and cuts make for a great look but will have more material waste

    Steep roof with many facets and cuts

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    These three most common options for roof/attic ventilation have pros and cons

    Cool air enters through the soffit vents and can be exhausted in many different ways.  This illustration displays how the ridge vent exhaust allows all of the hot air to exit at the peak without the need for mechanical parts or unnecessary penetrations from powered or nonpowered hood vent exhausts.A diagram of proper attic airflow

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    These diagrams do a good job of illustrating proper attic and roof ventilation, as well as the importance of sufficient insulation

    A diagram of proper roof and attic ventilationIllustrated diagram of proper insulation an roof and attic ventilation

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