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Leak at porch addition roof inspection, Knoxville, TN.

There are definitely securities that a homeowner can get by having manufacture certified contractor like a GAF Master Elite contractor inspect the roof of your home or business.

You can rest assured that the contractor will give you a solid opinion on the problems at hand, and common-sense solutions for how to resolve the problems.

There is a porch addition with a roof leak here that needed to be corrected.

Old architectural shingle roof and leaks at porch addition

  1. 1
    Split dry rotted vent boot leaking

    Old roof boots can split and deteriorate causing roof leaks. Regular maintenance can prevent damages like these.

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  2. 2
    Improper pitch on gutters causes damage

    Improperly installed gutters can cause damage is to facia boards, roof decking, rafter tails, foundations, and etc.

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  3. 3
    Granular loss and pitting on shingles

    Pitting and granular loss on asphalt shingles. This can indicate old worn out shingles or light weather damages. Water will begin to seep through fiberglass matting were exposed and shingles become compromised and prone to breaking. 

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    Video from roof inspection

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Improper installation of porch addition roof

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    Old style metal ridge caps detaching

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    Improper flashing causing leaks

    The transition from the wall to the porch addition was installed improperly. In this example, the flashing should bend and run up the wall as well as out onto the roof.

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