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Litespeed Construction inspected this older roof with wind damage. The shingles are noticeably older with a lot of the granules missing. This roof also has shingles missing due to the recent high winds. When we install the new roof we will also build out a cricket at the chimney to divert the water away.

Old Shingles Need To Be Replaced

  1. 1
    Damaged Shingles

    This roof has shingles missing from the recent wind storms. The roof also has granule loss all around. 

    This is a picture of missing shingles on an old brown roof This is a picture of missing granules on an old brown roof This is a picture of a hole on a ridge cap shingle

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  2. 2
    Chimney Needs Some Work

    The chimney on this roof really needs to have a cricket built to divert all the water away from it. Once the cricket is built we will install step flashing at each shingle. Counter flashing will be installed all around the chimney as well.

    This is a picture of a brick chimney with gray counter flashing

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  3. 3
    Bad Pipe Boots

    All three pipe boots on this house are going bad. With them going bad it is easy for water to get through.

    this is a picture of an old black pipe boot that is no longer good

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  4. 4
    Satellite Bracket Not In Use

    The satellite bracket is no longer in use so when the roof is replaced we will be removing it.

    This is a picture of an old satellite bracket no longer in use

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During Construction

  1. 1
    Rotten Wood

    This roof had a few sections of rotten wood. The rotten wood was taken out and replaced before laying down new shingles.

    This is a picture of a new sheet of osb on a roof This is a picture of new pieces of osb on a roof

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  2. 2
    Good Prep Work For The Roof

    Once the old roof was torn off and new pieces of osb were laid down, we installed synthetic underlayment across the whole roof. Ice and water shield was used at the valleys and at the chimney.

    This is a picture of synthetic underlayment and ice and water shield on a roof

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New GAF Roof Installed

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