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Litespeed Construction inspected this old dimensional roof. The roof has some issues like nail pops and leaks. The homeowner let us know that they have had leaks in the front porch. The front porch has almost no pitch to it so it makes it easy for water to get through. Upon installing the new roof we will install ice and water shield along the whole porch to protect it from any water.


Inspection Of Older Roof

  1. 1
    A Few Issues

    This roof has a few issues with it. There are various nail pops all over and pipe boots are starting to rot out. You can also start to see the granules on the shingles falling off.

    This is a picture of a nail pop on a gray roof

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  2. 2
    Bigger Gutters Needed

    Bigger gutters will be needed on this home. The homeowner says that the gutters overtop. They currently are 5 inch gutters and we will be upgrading to 6 inch gutters.


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During Construction

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    Underlying Components Are Important

    This roof was torn down to the wood. After the tear off we made sure to lay down synthetic underlayment across the whole roof. The front porch does not have much pitch so we laid down ice and water shield across it to give it extra protection from water.

    This is a picture of a roof that was torn off down to the wood

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Beautiful Finished Project

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    New Everything

    On this roof we installed Certainteed Landmark shingles. The home owner wanted a light gray color so we used Cobblestone Gray. Along with the shingles we also installed synthetic underlayment, ice and water shield, drip edge, starter shingles, pipe boots and ridge vent.

    this is a picture of a light gray shingle roof This is a picture of a new pipe boot on a light gray shingle roof This is a picture of a new ridge vent on a light gray shingle roof.

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  2. 2
    Upgraded Gutters

    Along with the roof we also installed new gutters. We went from 5 inch gutters to 6 inch gutters. The bigger gutters will help a lot during the heavy downpours.

    this is a picture of new white gutters on a new light gray shingle roof

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    Video Inspection
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