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Knoxville Roofers Repairs Roof Leaks. This home had a few leaks coming from the pipe boots. The pipe boots looked new but just were not sealed correctly. Litespeed Construction closed the nails at the pipe boots and also sealed about 15 other nails that could be potential leaks.

Incorrectly Sealed Pipe Boots Causing Leaks

  1. 1
    Exposed Nails In Pipe Boot

    Both pipe boots on this roof appeared brand new but were not sealed correctly.

    This is a picture of exposed nails in the pipe boot

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  2. 2
    15 Exposed Nails That Were Sealed

    This eyebrow had 15 nails that were exposed, and Litespeed Construction sealed them to prevent future leaks.

    This is an eyebrow that had 15 exposed nails.

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  3. 3
    Shingles At The Gable Needing Replacement

    The shingles at the gable end of the house are coming up and should be replaced. This area has a higher concentration of water that runs down it.

    These are brown shingles on a gable that need to be replaced

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    Customer Testimonial
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