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Knoxville Roofers will be installing a new TPO flat roof at this home. This home has had several leaks, and it has an old EPDM roof. The roof will be mechanically fastened. We will be using the 1/2-inch board and white TPO.

TPO Flat Roof Installation

  1. 1
    EPDM Roof Gets Replaced With TPO Roof

    This EPDM roof has had several leaks in the past and also has had repairs made to it. It is time for a roof replacement, and we will be using a mechanically fastened TPO roof system on this home.

    This is a picture of the drainage system on a black EPDM roof

    This is a picture of a black EPDM flat roof that has had repairs done to it

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New TPO Flat Roof

  1. 1
    During Installation

    For this flat roof we used half inch fiber boards that were mechanically fastened. The membrane was glued down with TPO glue and then heat welded at the seams. 
    This is a picture of red fiber board that is mechanically fastened under tpo

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  2. 2
    TPO At The Door

    The TPO membrane was ran all the way up the door to prevent any leaks into the home. The membrane was then fastened down with t-bar.

    This is a picture of tpo fastened with t bar at a doorway

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  3. 3
    New Drains

    Both of the drains were remade using TPO. This will ensure that no leaks will happen through here since all of the water will be going to these areas. Flashing tape and cover tape were used to seal off the seams.

    This is a picture of a new white TPO drain This is a picture of white tpo flat roof with t bar

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