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Knoxville,  TN
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Knoxville Flat Roof Replacement Needed. I was called out to inspect a leak on a commercial flat roof on an apartment complex in Knoxville, Tennessee. Upon inspection, we found several areas where the membrane detached from the insulation board. We took several course samples and found that the insulation board Beneath the membrane roof on top and the insulation underneath the built-up gravel roof below is saturated and will need to be removed and replaced. We are proposing a tapered Tpo roof membrane system.

Several leaks and ponding water on this flat roof

  1. 1
    All of this water retained on the roof will freeze and thaw and causing expansion and contraction and eventually leaks.

    Leaves and debris is gathered around penetrations around HVAC lines and piled up on seams can eventually cause problems as it holds waterThe leaves and debris gather around HVAC units and penetrations in this photo. This can cause excess water to be held on the roof, which can freeze and cause membrane contraction. You can also see that the membrane is rippled and detached from the insulation board underneath. All this water retained on the roof will freeze and thaw, causing expansion and contraction and eventually leaks.

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    Issues with pitch pockets and penetrations

    Pitch pockets at penetrations are in poor condition and are covered in organic materials

    These electrical and Freon HVAC lines penetrate the membrane and are sealed up with pitch pockets and flashing. These appear incorrect and in very poor condition, almost certainly leaking.

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