Steep slope roof with single issues, gutter issues and exposed facia

  1. 1
    Old architectural shingles and bad flashing around vent stack

    Old stand architectural shingles

    In this photo, you can see old architectural shingles and a guttering system that is non-functional. The vent stack flashing is not installed correctly. Recommended to be repaired or replaced. 

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  2. 2
    Rear porch structure and flat roof

    Rear deck structure appears to be structurally questionable

    Unfortunately, this back covered deck does not appear to be ready to install roofing material. The structure appears to need attention.  Repair or replacement

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  3. 3
    Areas of this architectural shingle roof have had trouble in the past.

    Some areas of this architectural shingle roof have been visibly repaired or replaced

    Here, you can see that several repairs have been made on this roof. You can also see another area where the gutter and facia are failing.

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