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Investment property with an old roof requires replacement in Knoxville, TN.

Old three tab shingle roof with issues and in need of replacement

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    Old worn out three tab shingle roof with issues

    In this photo, you can see putting in the shingles where the granules are or letting go of the asphalt mat, and you can also see evidence of nail pops and leaks.

    Old worn out three tab shingle roof with nail pops and do delamination

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  2. 2
    No plywood or OSB sheathing over slat boards

    Old three tab shingle roof on decking slats with gaps greater than 8th inch

    Here, I could determine that there wasn’t an OSB or plywood sheathing over the slat boards below the shingles. I was able to take a peek in this patched area over an old vent pipe hole.

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  3. 3
    Delaminated shingles and nail pops

    In this photo, you can see that a framing nail has worked its way loose and is pushing the shingles up. These are likely to cause leaks as well as being unsightly. Also, the shingles are no longer sticking together at the nail line. The glue has long since degraded. This is called delamination.


    Do you laminated shingles on an old three tab shingle roof in need of replacement. The shingles are no longer glued together at the nail line

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  4. 4
    Chimney removal to below the deck surface

    Chimney removal is recommended when the chimney is no longer in use. The less penetrations the better on your roof

    In this photo, you can see a chimney that is no longer in use. The fewer penetrations on the roof, the less likelihood of a future leak. In this case, we will take down the chimney below the roof deck surface and cover and patch the hole and roof over the top.

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