This chimney will need to be paid careful attention for several reasons, please see pins below for description

  1. 1
    Hole in masonary near the top of chimney

    this is a picture of a concrete chimney cap that has rock siding

    This hole could possibly cause a leak in the chimney that would appear a lot like a roof leak suggests having a Mason attended this. Litespeed Construction can also backfill this crack in a hole with silicone a mason not available.

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  2. 2
    This Chimney needs attention

    This chimney is in a unique position because it is a valley where water can pond behind it. The best recommendation is to put a membrane behind the chimney in case water ever stands a cricket cure would not necessarily solve the problem, it might gonna cause worse ponding at this chimney.


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  3. 3
    Concrete Chimney cap is in GREAT shape!
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