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Insurance Claim, Chimney blown off house Cosby, Tn.

The customer experienced damages to the roof after a chimney is blown off the house.  The Insurance company paid for the chimney damages and the chimney was in the process of being rebuilt when we met this home owner.

Shingles were not matching at the chimney where we are replacing the old shingles. The home owner had decided to see if the insurance company would pay for the roof to be replaced.  That is where Litespeed Construction came in.  Litespeed built an insurance ready scope, which the owner turned into the claim handler, and State Farm decided to pay for the entire roof.

We added back some new siding, used ice and water of the entire roof because most of the roof was 3:12 which is marginal for felt.  Litespeed Construction also used membrane roofing to cover a lower slope section of this home that was around a 1:12 roof slope.

Aerial of Roof

  1. 1
    This is the Flat Roof Portion where we Added the White TPO Membrane Roof

    This roof has a lot of low slope sections.  The low slope or flat roofing sections need membrane roofs, not shingles.  Shingles will leak here.

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  2. 2
    New Siding on Dormers

    Litespeed Construction replaced the siding here on both of the front 2 dormers.  We put vinyl siding straight over the T-111 siding.

    It’s a picture of new siding on the dormers

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Roof for a Happy Cusomer

    GAF Shingle Stagger Pattern

    1. 1
      Proper shingle stagger pattern

      Proper single stagger is extremely important for a roof to be installed correctly. Shingles always get staggered at this 45° or 6 inch spaced pattern.

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    New Sun Tunnels Getting Installed

      Big Chimney needs a Special Cricket

        TPO Membrane Roof going over A Flat Roof

          Old Roof being Torn Off and Disposed of

            Multiple roofing issues that we addressed

            1. 1
              Fixing rotten wood around chimney

              Lots of rotted wood around the chimney had to be fixed. Along with adding rafters to support the wood deckingPicture of rooted wood inside of a roof

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            2. 2
              Building cricket on back of chimney

              This Jimmy had a lot of rot due to know cricket on the backside. We address this by building a cricket that shed water off away from the chimneyThis is a picture of a cricket built on the back side of a chimney it has black under lemon over the top of it

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            3. 3
              Roof decking qith no rafters

              As you can see in this video when I step on the decking it bounces up-and-down. This is due to The 1st refers not cutting the wood right to land on top of the rafters we had to fix this in multiple areas



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            4. 4
              Ice and water throughout

              Due to random leaking throughout the roof we decided to add ice and water shield to the entire roof as a secondary layer of protection. This put our customers mind at ease!

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