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Multiple roofing issues that we addressed

  1. 1
    Fixing rotten wood around chimney

    Lots of rotted wood around the chimney had to be fixed. Along with adding rafters to support the wood deckingPicture of rooted wood inside of a roof

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  2. 2
    Building cricket on back of chimney

    This Jimmy had a lot of rot due to know cricket on the backside. We address this by building a cricket that shed water off away from the chimneyThis is a picture of a cricket built on the back side of a chimney it has black under lemon over the top of it

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  3. 3
    Roof decking qith no rafters

    As you can see in this video when I step on the decking it bounces up-and-down. This is due to The 1st refers not cutting the wood right to land on top of the rafters we had to fix this in multiple areas


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  4. 4
    Ice and water throughout

    Due to random leaking throughout the roof we decided to add ice and water shield to the entire roof as a secondary layer of protection. This put our customers mind at ease!

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