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Back porch stoop with incorrect membrane and extensive water damage, multiple layers of shingles and old gutters

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    Multiple layers of shingles four or five layers

    Multiple layers of shingles have been added to the roof deck not only causing potential roof leaks and roof issues, but also adding an enormous amount of weight to the roof structure

    In this photo, you can see that several roofs have been installed on top of the other. This is generally not a good practice for longevity and is prone to leaking. Nails are likely not to reach the wooden decking below; even if they do, I am likely to be driven into some soft areas of wood. Exposing the entire roof deck is always the best plan.

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    Flat roof issues

    In this photo you can see that there have been some attempts to divert water from the main problem area on the flat roof adjoining to an old shingle roof. The gutter leaks and the membrane leaks and has caused severe water damage to the porch structure underneath

    Improper flat roof membrane installation and improper framing and design lead to substantial water damage and rotten wood

    In the photo above, you can see that a flat roof was installed over the porch stoop in the rear of the house. It appears that it was not tied incorrectly to the existing shingles, nor was it tied incorrectly to the house under the eaves. This area appears to have been having problems for a long time as the structure underneath is compromised with rot. 

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    Rotten boards, sagging roof

    In this photo, you can see that the roof is sagging. This is because the decking underneath the shingles has been exposed to water damage and has softened and rotted the decking underneath. Some boards will need to be replaced

    Here, you can see that the decking boards beneath the shingle layers have given way to rot. Sagging is evident, and the area is very soft and spongy. Some boards will need to be replaced as the roofing process starts.

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