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How To Repair An Unsupported Roof Line Knoxville, TN

The unsupported roof line causes roof failure.  This project we are bidding on will possibly be reworking the rafters and trusses of the roofing system because these are failing.

Unsupported Roof Line Causes Roof Failure


  1. 1
    Falling fascia boards

    picture of roof line that is separated and text in the picture saying failing fascia


    these fascia boards are separating because the roofline is unsupported and is falling


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  2. 2
    Roof line to be removed

    Shingles are probably GAF Weathered wood.  These shingles will need to be removed and replaced to be able to support the roof correctly.


    this is a picture of the roof slope mentioning via text in the photo that this entire roof line will need to be removed

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  3. 3
    Deck Boards are a problem

    Deck boards are problematic and will need to be addressed.   These deck boards are separating and in bad shape.

    this photo shows deck boards that are pulling up and it says deck boards are a problem

    this photo also shows deck boards pulling up or the roof line falling down and separating from the deck boards

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  4. 4
    Additional damage from unsupported roof

    Additional damage to soffit and fascia from an unsupported roof. 


    this is a picture of metal soffit and wood rotting that is separating

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