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What To Do On a Metal Roof Tune Up

  1. 1
    Transition metal not sealed or screwed

    As you can see This piece of transition metal is not sealed or screwed off properly. This will allow for water penetration behind the transition metal and underneath it.

    This is a picture of a piece of transition metal on a metal roof.

    This is a picture of a piece of transition metal on top of a metal roof and against a wood siding wall

    We took out the bottom 2 screws and added clear NP1 sealant to the bottom and back of the metal. Sat it in place and adhered it to the wall and screwed it off. You never want to put holes/screws in the roof if you don’t have to. This piece only needs screws in the wall section. The red line represents the sealant on the bottom and the arrows point to the sealant on the back.

    This is a picture of a piece of metal with ear sealant on the back with arrows point to it

    in this picture, you can see the screws that were added along with the piece of metal.

    not screwed

    Not sealed

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  2. 2
    Incorrect pipe boot for metal roof

    Not only is this a pipe boot for a shingle roof but it’s in really bad shape.

    This is a picture of the old rusted pipe boot on top of a metal roof

    This is the correct metal roof pipe boot that we installed. The roof took a lot of preparing and cleaning once the old one was removed. But it turned out great.

    This is a picture of a pipe boot installed on top of a metal roof

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  3. 3
    Another pipe boot

    Unlike the other pipe boot, this one is a metal roof pipe boot but was still old and beginning to dry rot so we replaced it with this new one.

    This is a picture of a pipe sticking through a metal roof and it has a rubber pipe boot around the pipe

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  4. 4
    Serious chimney issues

    This chimney was built without a cricket so all the water runs down and against the back of the chimney causing the wood to rot out.

    This is a picture of the backside of a wood chimney. The wood is completely rotted out along the bottom

    I removed some of the rotted wood and slid a piece of metal behind the wood. Then I put a piece over the front of the wood. This will keep out most of the water but this chimney needs to be rebuilt when the roof is replaced next. Which won’t be too long.

    Wood completely rotted

    This is the picture of the backside of a wood chimney  And there has been some metal added to the bottom half

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  5. 5
    Random bad screw, caulking, ect.

    These pictures were taken from all around the roof. We only took a hand full of pictures as if we took one of each then we would have had 80 plus pictures so here are a few of bad screws, caulking, replacing screws, and such.

    Bad screw


    Bad caulking



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  6. 6
    Sealing up holes in old caulk

    This is a kind of a makeshift diverter someone did to divert the water from this area as you can see there are holes in the caulk.

    This is a picture of a pipe of metal roofing that has sealant on it but the sealant has holes in it

    Old caulk

    We cleaned this area very well and used clear NP1 to re-seal these areas. All the debris after cleaning out the area to be sealed.  

    This is a picture of a bunch of sawdust and debris all over a metal roof

    The new clear sealant is hard to see but it is there. It shows up a bit shinier than the old caulk.

    A picture of a metal roof from up top with lots of caulking on it



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  7. 7
    Bent and buckled metal.

    As you can see these 2 sections of the metal roofing were bent pretty badly out of shape. 

    Buckled metal

    We decided it was a good idea to use butyl under the metal and a type of liquid butyl along the outside edge of the bent metal.

    This is a picture of a metal roof with black caulking down this seems


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