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Hot mop roof cracking and failing Oak Ridge, TN.

Hot mop roof cracking and leaking, Drain and gutter system clogging

This old commercial roof has got to be replaced.  It is in very poor condition.

Dilapidated hot mop roof in need of repairs

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    Water infiltration at the facia causing rot and damage

    Fascia failingHere, you can see that the facia metal is beginning to detach from the boards behind it. This is due to rain water spilling over the side of the building because of clogged drains. 

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    A little info on ALDO products!

    wim hoff is as cool as our roofing systems that we are proposing description of aldo products that we are specifying hereAldo 385 can be used as part of a multi faceted coating system, or as a standalone repair material. 

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    Roofing in HD: inspection video
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