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Hole in a shingle roof causing leaks in Knoxville.


This is a hole at a ridge vent, and at the peak edge of a roof.  We need to take a look at putting a board over the open hole and a tarp, and putting a tarp over the Ridgevent.

Aerial image of hole in roof

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    Hole in a roof causing leaks

    This hole is causing massive leaks in the roof and it needs to be boarded over and tarp as soon as possible to prevent water from coming in.

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    Hole in the roof where ridge vent blew off

    Probably need to tarp this entire ridge vent because it is vulnerable to leak and can cause problems.

    Also it is easy to notice when you scan in here that there is going to be bad plywood at the ridge where the Ridgevent blew off sometime ago.

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