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High Winds cause Storm Damage to this Roof in Knoxville TN

The homeowner filed an insurance claim for storm damage.  Litespeed Construction was called to do the job.  First, we need to supplement the project to the insurance company so that the owners can be fairly compensated for the damages to their roof.  After this, we will install Owen Corning Oak Ridge Roofing System.


Insurance Funded Roof

  1. 1
    Wind damaged shingles.

    Pictures of wind-damaged shingles on a 3-tab roof.


    this is a picture of wind creased shingles on this roof

    old 3 tab roof with wind damages to shingles this is a picture of old shingles with creases in them

    another picture of wind damages to old 3 tab shingles

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  2. 2
    moss growing on shingles

    Moss can grow between shingles and cause the nails to rust away, leaving a hole for water penetration.

    Alge growing on this old 3 tab roof

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  3. 3
    Pipe Boot going bad

    The rubber on the pipe boot is beginning to crack.  This can be a big problem and cause roof leaks eventually.

    this is a picture of a plastic pipe boot on an old roof

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  4. 4
    Wind damaged shingles

    Here is a lot more wind damage. 

    1. this is an old 3 tab roof with wind damages to it
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  5. 5
    Old aluminum ridge vent

    This is an old aluminum ridge vent with lots of rusted nails. 

    1. this is a picture of a metal ridge vent on an old 3 tab roof
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  6. 6
    GAF gold pledge roofing system

    GAF Golden Pledge Roofing System.  This is a Litespeed Construction premium roofing system that we enjoy selling.

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  7. 7
    Owens Corning total protection

    Owen’s Corning Total Protection


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