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Hail Damage on dimensional architectural shingles Knoxville, TN.

When hail damages to shingles occur, usually, it will make sense to file an insurance claim and have an adjuster come out to inspect the property for roof and gutter damages.  Dimensional shingles will require a harder or bigger hailstone to damage them, but in this case, there is enough damage to these shingles to call it a hail-damaged roof!

Hail damage on dimensional shingle roof Knoxville TN

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    Excessive granular loss in gutters


    The gutters have up to 2 inches of shingle granules due to granular loss likely from hail impacts.

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    Hail strikes are evident across roof

    Hail strikes

    Here, you can see several areas of impact. Some are more substantial than others.

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    Hail impact close up

    Hail impact closes up.


    Hail impact

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    Customer Testimonial


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