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This cabin has very old gutters and they are packed with debris. They could also use some gutter guards as its in the mountains and is surrounded by trees.

Gutter full of debris and falling off cabin

  1. 1
    Gutters full to the brim with debris

    As you can see, not only are the gutters in need of replacement, but the replacement gutters could use some gutter guards to prevent the gutters from becoming clogged full of debris.

    See this on Google.

    This is a picture of a old gutter thats full of leaves and water because is clogged

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  2. 2
    Old beat up gutter that needs replaced

    This is a picture of a old gutter on a old metal roof that needs to be replaced

    As you can see, this gutter is in terrible shape. It’s literally about to fall off the roof. 

    See this on Google.

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  3. 3
    Potential future leak

    The metal flashing is not installed correctly. The upper portion of the metal flashing should be under the metal roof, leaving the bottom sticking out. This flashing relies only on caulk to keep the water out. And the caulk is beginning to fail.

    See this on Google.

    This is a picture of a metal chimney vent ontop of a red metal roof that is rusted and old

    This is what a proper install would look like!This is a picture of a metal chimney vent coming through a green metal roof. This is the proper way to install it with the top under the metal.

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  4. 4
    Rear gutters about to fall off

    Like the front gutter, the rear is just as bad, if not worse. Tree branches have hit them, all bent up, and are holding water.

    See this on Google.

    This is a picture taken from the ground of a section of gutter on a wood cabin

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  5. 5
    Loose screws.

    There is a hand full of loose screws I noticed on the front section of the roof. The screws on the roof's edge weren't lined up with the wood, so the wind could blow up this section.

    See this on Google.

    This is a picture of a screw on a metal roof that has backed itself out and is sticking out of the metal for about 2 inchesThis is a picture of my hand pulling up the metal roof at the edge reveling the inside of the roof.

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