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One year later, GAF master elite contractor residential roof inspection in Knoxville, TN.

A GAF roof with a golden pledge warranty will need to be installed by a GAF contractor.

Every GAF roof that gets a master elite warranty needs to be inspected within five years of installation. This ensures quality and guarantees that the roof is performing as it should. There are five components to a golden pledge roofing warranty; please go to to check on the golden pledge warranty.

GAF master elite contractor shingle roof inspection follow up

  1. 1
    Nice, straight shingle courses

    Shingle courses, also called rows, should be nice and straight when appropriately installed.

    this is a picture of a roof that has new gaf timberine hickory colored shingles

    this is a picture of the ridge cap and ridge vent on a roof replacement that litespeed construction did

    this is a picture of a chimney and chimney cap on roof that litespeed construction recently replaced

    this is a picture of the chimney cap on a roof that litespeed construction recently replaced in knoxville tn

    this is a close up picture of gaf timberline hickory colored shingles in knoxville tn

     this is a picture of an electrical mast arm that is coming out of a roof and there is a pipe boot that keeps the water out

    this is a picture of chimney flashing that litespeed construction installed on a new roof in knoxville tn

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  2. 2
    Chimney flashing and cap


    In this photo, you can see that a new chimney cap and counter-flashing were applied during the shingle job.

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  3. 3
    Missing ridge cap shingle replacement

    In this photo, you can see a ridge cap shingle.

    Has been damaged. Even the most minor incident is covered by a golden pledge warranty when you use GAF master elite contractors on your roofing project.

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  4. 4
    GAF golden pledge warranty testimonial
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