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GAF Master elite contractor Knoxville, TN.

GAF has a Master Elite Contractor Program.  This contractor program can extend warranties and quality assurance to homeowners for projects.

When a Master Elite contractor inspects your roof, you can be ensured that the inspection will be done correctly.

Normal Looking House – TERRIBLE Roof!!!

  1. 1
    Chimney was Reflashed Correctly

    This chimney was leaking and needed to be poorly reflashed!


    This is a view of a red brick chimney with flashing. This is a view of a chimney with proper flashing

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  2. 2
    This Roof is in Terrible Condition

    Choose the right company to install a warranty and document your next project!


    This is a view of the roof with gray shingles with granule loss. This is a view of the roof with gray shingles. Shingles are sliding out of position.

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  3. 3
    Roof Leaks Covered with Golden Pledge

    If your GAF roof covered under a Golden Pledge Warranty ever leaks, you are covered.  Roof leaks don’t have to be on the inside of the home to cause damage.


    This is a view from the ground looking to the ceiling of the porch where there was a leak. Looking at the edge of the porch roof where there is water damaged wood.

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Ever Wonder Why Some Contractors Are More Expensive – GAF Master Elite Contractors

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    GAF Roof Requires Best Standards!

    This roof is falling off this home. The workmanship is the worst that we have seen.  This is precisely why you should hire a Master Elite Contractor to install a Golden Pledge Warranty!

    Old gray shingles on the roof where shingles are sliding out of place. This is a view of newly installed GAF Charcoal shingles and flashing at the chimney.

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  2. 2
    Golden Pledge Warranty is Worth it!

    Your roof protects your most valuable investment, your home.  Make sure the work is done right and documented well.  Choose a GAF contractor on your next project to install a Golden Pledge Warranty.




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