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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty inspection Knoxville, TN.

Litespeed Construction inspects our GAF Golden Pledge Warranty Roofs. Checking GAF golden pledge roofs after the installation is very important. It will ensure that the roof is aging correctly and help prevent any possible maintenance issues.

This roof is a large project that Litespeed Construction performed near Solway in 2016.

Edge of Roof for GAF Timberline

  1. 1
    GAF Pro Start and Drip Edge

    The Edge of the roof gets drip edge and GAF Starter Shingles.  This protects against wind lift and roof leaks.

    This is a view of eave of the roof showing the gutter.


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  2. 2
    GAF Shingles Protect Roof Edge

    GAF shingles protect the roof’s edge. 

    This is a view from the ground looking up at the gutters soffit and eave of the roof.

    Black-colored drip edge always looks best.

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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty Seal a Ridge Ridge Caps

  1. 1
    Ridge Cap Shingles Protect Peak

    Gaf Seal a Ridge shingles go on the peaks of the roof. They are critical for Golden Pledge Warranties.

    This is a close up view of the ridge cap shingles in Weathered wood. This a close up view of the hip and ridge shingles.

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  2. 2
    GAF Cobra 3 Ridge Vent

    GAF Cobra 3 Ridge Vents keep the roof from prematurely aging by cent stating the attic space.  They are required for the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.


    This is the ridge of a high and steep roof showing the ridge cap shingles. This is a view looking down from the ridge of the roof.

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GAF Timberline HD Charcoal Shingles

  1. 1
    GAF Ice and Water at Skylights

    GAF ice and water at skylights to prevent any leaks. 

    This is a view of skylights on the roof with GAF Charcoal shingles.

    This is a view of installation of flashing at the skylight you can also see the GAF Feltbuster on the roof.

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  2. 2
    Valleys get GAF Ice and Water

    Ice and water are installed in the valleys of the roof. 

    This is a view of the roof with GAF Reltbuster installed.

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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

  1. 1
    GAF Golden Pledge Aerial

    Aerial of home

    This is an aerial view of the home.

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  2. 2
    Roof Edge of a GAF Golden Pledge

    Roof edge of a GAF Golden pledge. 

    This is a view of the edge of the roof and gutters.

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  3. 3
    GAF Customer Testimonial
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