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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty customer wants security Knoxville, TN.

We became friends with this homeowner.  Litespeed Construction was honored to install this Golden Pledge Roof on this home.  Our customer wanted the security that this roof will be vital for many years to come, and Litespeed Construction advised that a GAF Golden Pledge Warranty would be the best system for them!

The customers chose the color Timberline shake wood, and the roof looked great!

Seller Sold a House With a BAD Roof

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    Result is Satisfied Customer!!!

    Dang, I look fat in this video! Lol


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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty is a NO Risk Roof

  1. Roof Valley GAF Ice and Water

    Gaf Describes how to properly install a valley.

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  2. GAF Cobra Ridge Vents

    GAF describes how to install Ridge Vents.


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GAF Shingles Laid and Nailed Correctly

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    How to Properly Install Shingles

    Gaf Describes how to properly install shingles for Golden Pledge Warranties.


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    How to Properly Bail Shingles

    Gaf Describes how to properly nail shingles.


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