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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty Knoxville, TN


GAF Golden Pledge contractors need to stand behind their work.  That is why it is important to go out and do inspections on their previous Golden Pledge roofing projects.

Master Elite Contractors are the best roofing companies in your area.

GAF ice and water shield takes the worry out of problem areas

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    GAF Weatherwatch ice and water shield

    GAF Weatherwatch ICe and Water Shield is placed in the valleys to prevent leaks.


    This is a photo of GAF Weather Watch ice and water shield.

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    Interior stains damage leaking valley

    Trouble areas like converging valleys can leak and cause unsightly and unhealthy damage and mold in your home. Ice and water shield can help prevent this when installed properly.

    This is a photo of a water stain on the ceiling of the home.

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    Master elite contractors solve problems

    Master elite contractors know how to solve roof problems.  With the right materials and installers, these problem areas become a thing of the past.

    This is a view of Weathered Wood color shingles on a roof with leaf and twig debris.

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GAF master elite golden pledge warranty material requirements

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    Make sure you have GAF materials

    When you purchase a GAF golden pledge warranty, with the right materials and expert master elite contractors, you can achieve a long-lasting 25-year workmanship warranty and a worry-free roof for many years to come!


    This is a view of the roof looking at the ridge of the roof and the valley portion of the roof.  

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    Roofing done right! GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

    GAF seal a ridge, GAF cobra ridge vent, GAF timberline HDZ architectural shingles, GAF weather watch ice and water shield  and GAF synthetic underlayment materials along with Master Elite certified contractors are required for GAF golden pledge warranty

    This is a view looking at a ridge of the home. The shingles are weathered wood in color.

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    GAF golden pledge warranty testimonial
    Happy Customer testimonial.
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