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GAF Golden Pledge roofing system Knoxville, TN.

It is fun to offer such high-quality roofing materials as the GAF Timberline HDZ.  This shingle and the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty make it very easy for us to provide the highest quality materials and installation on our roofing systems.  We are very thankful to be GAF Master Elite Contractors at Litespeed Construction.

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty System

  1. 1
    GAF Cobra 3 Ridge Vent

    Ridge vents go on the roof's peak and help keep shingles from prematurely aging by ventilating the roof.

    Ridge vent

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  2. 2
    GAF Weatherwatch in the Valley
    GAF Weather Watch is placed in the valley of the roof.
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  3. 3
    GAF Prostart at eaves
    GAF Pro-Start starter shingle is installed at the eaves of the roof.
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