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Upon inspection of a flat roof leak, I discovered improper materials used on the flat portion, along with an ancient three-tab shingle roof. I found some leaks and issues with the shingle roof and the plumbing vent boots. Several areas in the soffit have rotted, and some areas of the facia board. The house has no soffit vents, gable vents, or ridge vents, so there is no way to move super-heated air out of the attic. This can speed up the aging process of your roof.

Old shingle roof with bad flat roof portion and rotten soffits

  1. 1
    Improper materials metal on flat roof

    Metal roof over flat portion incorrect materials on a house in Knoxville Tennessee old three tab shingles

    In this photo, you can see that someone put corrugated screw-down metal on the flat portion of this porch roof. This is an incorrect material and should have a commercial membrane. 


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  2. 2
    Old three tab shingle roof with issues

    Old three tab shingle roof. Then shingles granule loss and moss and algae

    Here you can see that the granules are gone from the shingles, and the asphalt is exposed. We have exposed nails and moss, and algae buildup. These shingles are very brittle and well past their life expectancy. 

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  3. 3
    Chimney and chimney flashing issues

    Encrypt chimney flashing and extremely old worn out three tab shingle roof on a house in Knoxville Tennessee

    Chimney cap on a house with an old tavern in Knoxville Tennessee

    Here, you can see that the chimney flashing is in poor condition. It appears to have not been installed correctly with the previous roofing job, and the cap is insufficient. 


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  4. 4
    Brittle shingles

    Brittle in broken shingles on an old three tab shingle roof in Knoxville Tennessee

    Here, you can see that the shingles are brittle and beginning to break off at the edges.

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  5. 5
    No drip edge causes problems!

    No drip edge on the eaves or Gables have allowed water to enter and rub the boards along the edges overtime

    In this photo, you can see no drip edge installed on the roof when it was replaced. Over time, this has caused leaking and rot around the eaves and Gables and probably causing rot at the soffits. 

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  6. 6
    Bad plumbing vent boots cause leaks

    Add vent boots causing leaks

    The vent boots are cracked and indeed leaking.

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  7. 7
    Bad wall flashing

    Bad wall flashing at shingle roof where it meets stone wall

    In this photo, you can see that the wall flashing is beginning to pull away from the house and likely causing some leaks.


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