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Upon inspection of the upper ballast roof, we found several areas with bad patching and some evidence of leaks around HVAC penetrations and the drain system. We intend to remove and replace the membrane around the drain where the insulation is saturated, repair the patches in that area and the surrounding area on the parapet walls, and detail the HVAC ductwork with a termination bar.

Leaks at Roof Drain

    Leaks at Roof Drain

      Leaks at roof drain, bad patchwork and no termination bar at HVAC penetrations

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        Recent purchase failing and allowing water under the membrane

        Leaks at bad patchwork on membrane flat roofIn this photo, you can see that this recent patch is loose at the edge and I can see right into the underside of the membrane.

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        Improper termination at HVAC ducts and penetrations

        The HVAC ducks are terminated improperly Improper termination at penetrations on flat roof membrane

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        Inspection video of ballast roofing system
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