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top of roof

  1. 1
    Areas that could be causing the leaks.

    We discovered cracks, holes, and weak points in the EPDM at corners and penetration areas that could be causing leaks. 


    This is black EPDM with a puncture hole, possible causing the roof leak. This is an areal of the EPDM that is damaged, another possible leak area. This is black EPDM at a corner that has a small tear.


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  2. 2
    EPDM Flashing Tape is loose.

    EPDM flashing tape is coming loose that could be another area that is leaking.

    This is a picture of black EPDM with a pen inserted in the lap, possible cause of the leak.

    Up close image of a lap in the EPDM showing it is unsealed.

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  3. 3
    Wall needs resealed

    The old sealant is rotted and coming loose and needs to be sealed with a suitable elastomer.


    This is a the EPDM at the wall that is no longer sealed. A pen can be inserted between the wall and EPDM.

    A close up image of the EPDM at the wall that is not sealed and tearing away from wall.


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