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Right side of house

  1. 1
    Drip edge not mitered or double bent

    This is a close up of white drip edge that has not been mitered.

    As you can see the corner is wide open and not boxed in. The top is bot mitered either. Not to mention the shingles were damaged in that area and not repaired. 

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  2. 2
    Holes and exposed nail heads

    This is a close up view of an exposed nail head. This is another view of an exposed nail head. This is an up close view of a hole in the shingle.

    All holes should have been addressed by sliding and caulking a small piece of metal between shingles and caulking holes. All exposed nail heads should have been caulked with no problem.

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  3. 3
    more horrible metal work

    This is view of metal work that was not installed correctly.

    As you can see the metalwork here is the same all around the house. Looks like a 6th grader cut, bent, and installed it.

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  4. 4
    Buckling shingles

    These shingles should have been cut back and nailed back down.


    This is a view of shingles buckling on the roof. A close up view of the buckling shingles  on the roof.

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