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Damage to shingles during siding construction Knoxville, TN.


Litespeed Construction installed a roof for a home that was being renovated.  The siding contractors removed some of the fascia boards and messed up the shingles on the gable edges of the roof.

To repair this roof, Litespeed Construction is helping the owners by replacing all of the shingles on the edges of the roof.

Shingle Damages to Edge of Roof

  1. 1
    Roof nail removed at roof edge

    The roof edge is most vulnerable to wind damages. These shingles will get replaced.  Even though we didn't cause these damages, we care about this customer, and want to take care of them!  No charge to repair.

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  2. 2
    Roof Inspection where we discover damage

    Was videoing the roof inspection, when I realize that there were damages to the roof’s edges.


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Drip Edge and Fascia Metal on Eave

  1. Eaves of the Roof Are Unharmed

    So the eave of roof, is where the gutters are. They do not have any damages to them.

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  2. Repair to shingles will only be at gable

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Torn Shingles at Roof Edge

  1. Old Fascia Boards Replaced Tore Shingles

    When the old fascial metal and boards were replaced, it tore the shingles at the roof edge.


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