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Production Board

  1. 1
    To be scheduled

    The right side of this board is to be scheduled.  

    the production board is C in job progress. Every job we have in prosuction should be on this board and in job progress C. As soon as we contract a customer they become a C.

    When you compare C to the production board, this should be done every friday morning, the C should match the production board.  Do not erase anything fonr the right side of this board without checking with a PM or the office first.


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  2. 2

    When a project is on the calendar this means it is scheduled. The day before we should be checking with our customer to make sure everything is ok. Checking with the materials and the crews. Usually, these are both scheduled for project 2-3 days in advance.  And lastly, check the weather to make sure we are in good shape to do the work.

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