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Roof Inspection (6901)

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    Video Roof Inspection
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    Chimney Caps

    The chimney cap on the back left side has been replaced on this roof. The rest of the chimney caps are old and rusty and could potentially leak in the future. We recommend replacement when they show signs of water entering the chimney.

    This is a picture of a brand new chimney cap on a steep roof

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  3. 3
    Old Satellite Bracket

    On the backside middle of the roof, there is an old satellite bracket still on the roof. Nothing is attached to it, so we recommend removing it to prevent any leaks at the screw holes. The bracket should be removed and have the holes sealed.

    This is a picture of a satellite dish on a roof

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  4. 4
    Skylight Repairs

    This skylight had some exposed nails that we went ahead and sealed to prevent any leaks. The shingles at the top right also came up and had a crack in them. The crack was sealed so no water could get in between the shingles.

    This is a picture of a crack on a shingle next to a skylight This is a picture of exposed nails at the top right of a skylight

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    Wood Board On Top Of Roof

    At the top of this roof, there was a piece of wood that had been nailed down to the roof. The board was removed, and the holes were sealed.

    This is a picture of a wooden board nailed down to a roof

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