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Roof Inspection (3515)

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    Video Roof Inspection
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    Video Roof Inspection
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    Chimney Caps Are Rusty

    All of the chimney caps on this building are old and rusty. These caps could leak in the future, if they leakage is observed we recommend replacing them.

    This is a picture of an old rusty chimney cap

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  4. 4
    Small Repairs Completed

    This roof had a few repairs that were completed. The ridge vent had some missing shingles and a few shingles that had some damage to them. We went ahead and replaced these ridge cap shingles to prevent any leaks. There were also a few exposed nails that we sealed up with caulk.

    This is a picture of damaged ridge cap shingles This is a picture of exposed nails at the ridge

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    Shingles Staggered Correctly

    The shingles on this roof are all staggered correctly and spaced out at an accurate distance. Adequate spacing is required to avoid leaks. Pipe boots on this roof are also in good shape and sealed properly.

    This is a picture of shingles in good shape with a rope in the middle This is a picture of a roof with a pipe boot in the middle

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