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This commercial roof inspection is for a possible service agreement. Inspect the shingles on the roof to ensure that they will not be splitting, cracking, or having significant issues. We want to ensure that the valleys and ridge cap shingles, along with any flashing, appear correct on shingles.

This roof also has membrane EPDM roofing as. Well, we’ve done quite a bit of work on this roof in the recent past And feel very comfortable putting a service agreement on this commercial flat roof.

This roof has shingles and membrane in this picture shows a metal roof as well

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    This is the standing seam metal roof and can be difficult to make repairs to

    This is the standing seam metal roof and can be challenging to repair. Any panel manipulation or flashing manipulation can be a big project. Usually, it is very desirable to use silicone or sealant whenever possible and avoid removing panels on standing seam roofs.

    You can see that this roof has had some sealant applied to the cap. There may have been some roof leaks and the times past, but whatever it is, we can assist with any needs.

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    This valley has shingles that are beginning to buckle on this roof

    This is shingles of a valley that are starting to buckle

    So this buckling valley could become a problem in time. These shingles, when they lift, could begin to crack or have possible problems. We exclude valley replacement or big valley repairs from her service agreements. Pretty decent chance that this valley can be maintained for a long time, but it’s not exactly right.

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    There’s not a lot of debris in the gutters but it is definitely not a problem to clean them out

    There’s not a lot of debris in the gutters, but cleaning them out is not a problem.

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There are many locations with Bowing plywood

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    The plywood roof deck is beginning to bow

    This plywood in the roof has a hump in it.  This is due to the buildings height and the fact that there can be movement and rafters. The Locations that are heaving and bowing appear to be strong And not vulnerable to leak immediately. Bowing and rotting plywood is excluded in service agreements but they should be monitored for any possible issues in the future.

    There were approximately 12 to 15 locations that had the same Bowing affect going on on the roof.

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    This is a video of this commercial roof Inspection

    This is a video of this commercial roof Inspection.

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