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Chimney Needs to Be Painted During Reroofing.

So when the hardy board siding begins to get home they can have a greater chance of failure this can be due to rot or having the concrete come apart the main thing is it’s gonna be a challenge to paint this chimney after the chimney has been rerouted to the ground areas have been re-roof. So if we want to attempt to maintain this roof as best as possible we should talk and paint this chimney before we get the final shingles put on.

Chimney Needs to Be Protected from Leaking

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    Chimney needs to be painted
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    Gaps in Chimney Boards

    There are gaps in between the trim boards and the siding of his chimney. These gaps can cause the chimney the leak and Rot and I have major problems. The chimney needs to be recaulked and repainted.

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    Chimney Flashing is in Great shape

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