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Building Roof Inspection with Wind Damaged Shingles. We inspected these roofs and found that there are a number of places that have rotted and quite a few places that have nail pops. Obviously, the roof needs to be repaired as quickly as possible and nail pops should be fixed to prevent future leaks on this roof. Also, there are quite a few sliding Shingles and Shingles that have wind damage on this roof.

The cedar siding has damage as well there are a number of places where it has slid and been damaged by the wind.

Wind Damages Shingles

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    Roof Inspection Video
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    Popping Nail at Flashing

    Nail pops at flashing on the roof

    When nails push out at flashing can cause roof leaks, and this is a roof with a lot of Flashing that is pushing up and has nail pops. Repairing these will be offered if we service this roof.

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Roof Ventalation is Needed

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    Roof Need Ridge Vents

    These roofs need to have roof Ventalation  so that the attic space will brief and will cost damage to the shingles OSB or extra moisture inside of the attic space.

    Ridge Vents Being Installed

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    Pipe boot needs to be repaired on the roof

    Pipe boot is coming loose and can leak in the roof

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    Roof Inspection on Upper Section
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    Drip edge that is blown off

    Drip edge that is blown off.

    Drip edge that has a nail popping up

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Missing Cedar Shake Siding

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    There are many locations that are missing siding

    There are many locations that are missing siding.  It is in bad shape.

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