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6-inch gutters and downspouts for standing seam roof Andersonville, TN.


6-inch gutters are recommended on steep roofs. 6-inch gutters are also best on metal roofs. Litespeed Construction recommended using new 6-inch gutters to protect this home against erosion or foundation problems.

Standing Seam Roof Gets New Gutters

  1. 1
    Downspouts will need to be rerouted here

    We will need to reroute the downspouts.

     Another image of brown downspouts.

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  2. 2
    Drainages from downspout needs to change.

    This downspout releases water next to the home.  It is always better to keep moisture away from a foundation.

    This is a brown drain from the downspout that drains the water away from the house.

    A view of the brown downspout that will need to be rerouted.

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  3. 3
    Gutter condition rear of property

    This is a view of the gutter condition at the rear of the property. 

    A new of the downspout at the rear of the house.

    A view of the gutter and downspout at the back of the house.

    This is an image of downspout at the rear of the house.

    This is a view of the gutters at the rear of the house.

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  4. 4
    No gutter on existing home

    The new gutter proposed will match the roof in the copper penny color.  6-inch gutters will work much better than the existing 5-inch gutters.  Let’s dime this up!

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