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Insurance funded roof job with Owens Corning Shingles Knoxville, TN.


An Insurance Funded Roofing Job with Owens Corning Shingles.  Storm damage to shingles caused roof leaks.  Ceiling stains occurred next.

A roof inspection followed by a successful insurance claim and a happy customer with a new roof funded by his insurance company.

#owenscorning shingles rock!

Roof Decking Boards Were Original to House

  1. 1
    Deck Boards need to be Replaced

    This is a picture of a lot of bad deck boards on a roof that are being replaced with new 1x6 wood

    This is the after photo of the boards we replaced.

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  2. 2
    Video of Old Roof Boards

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Problems with Chimney Need to be Addressed

  1. 1
    Front and Rear Chimneys need Tuck

    This chimney is in poor shape and Litespeed Construction installed new chimney flashing

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Gutters Need to be Replaced

  1. 1
    Gutters are in Poor Shape

    these gutters are in bad shape and need to be replaced with new gutters

    this is a picture of things growing out of gutters because there is so much debris build up in these gutters

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Owens Corning shingle roof replacement

  1. 1
    New Ridge Vents on Owens Corning Roof

    Replaced Ridge Vent with New Roof.  This will help attic space breathe.

    this is a picture of brand new ridge vents that litespeed construction installed on a roof in knoxville tn

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  2. 2
    New Drip Edge on Owens Corning Roof

    New Black Roof Drip Edge.

    this is a picture of brand new drip edge that litespeed construction installed on a roof replacement in knoxville tn

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  3. 3
    Inspecting a Roof we Installed Last Yr

    this is kirby smith the owner of litespeed construction performing a final roof inspection on roof project we just completed

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  4. 4
    New Owens Corning Shingles

    Shingle Rows are Straight front and Back.

    this is a picture of new gray colored shingles showing the straight rows of the shingles we installed

    this is a picture of gray colored shingles on the front of a house

    6-inch stagger between shingle courses.

    this is a picture that shows the correct stagger pattern of shingles installed on a new roof in knovxille tn

    New Chimney Flashings.

    this is a picture of new black colored counter flashing installed on a brick chimney
    this is a picture of the second chimney on this roof project and it shows black colored counter flashing on a brick chimney

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