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Wind Damage

Your home’s roof bears the brunt of wind damage after a severe storm. Your main concerns after a storm are likely the extent of the damage, its impact on your property’s safety, and how quickly any wind damage to your roof can be fixed.

How do you assess the damage? Who do you call for reliable repairs? Our roofing experts specialize in promptly assessing wind damage, and offering comprehensive repair services. As Knoxville’s leading experts in wind damage repair, we understand these anxieties and are here to provide swift, effective solutions to secure your home and restore your peace of mind.

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What is Wind Damage?

Wind damage encompasses a spectrum of impacts, from the minor annoyances of blown-off shingles to major structural compromises that demand immediate attention. Damage from severe winds accounts for half of all severe reports in the lower 48 states and is more common than damage from tornadoes.

The aesthetics of your property aside, the paramount concerns are safety and security. Early detection of signs like loose or missing shingles, damaged siding, or compromised windows and doors is crucial in averting further damage.

Wind Damage Repair Services

Emergency Response: We’re always on standby to address your needs with urgency, providing emergency tarping services to mitigate further damage until permanent repairs can commence.

Detailed Inspection: Our thorough inspections are aimed at understanding the full extent of the damage, forming the basis of a customized repair strategy to address every issue, ensuring comprehensive restoration.

Expert Repairs: Leveraging the highest quality materials and cutting-edge techniques, our skilled technicians are adept at replacing shingles and siding, as well as addressing structural damages, restoring your property to its pristine condition.

Insurance Assistance: The maze of insurance claims can be daunting. Our team stands beside you, providing detailed documentation and guidance to facilitate the claims process, ensuring you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

The aftermath of wind damage can be unsettling. However, with our expert team by your side, recovery is not just possible—it’s within reach. Our wind damage repair services in Knoxville, TN, are meticulously crafted to alleviate your concerns, ensuring your property is not just repaired but also imbued with a renewed sense of security and welcomeness.

Signs of Wind Damage

FAQs About Wind Damage

Our team is equipped to offer prompt emergency services to prevent further damage to your property immediately after suffering wind damage.

Secure the area to ensure safety, document the damage for insurance purposes, and contact us for an emergency inspection.

Yes, no job is too small. Addressing minor damages promptly can prevent more significant issues down the line.

We provide detailed damage assessments and repair estimates to streamline the claims process, working directly with your insurer to facilitate your claim.

Why Choose Our Services?

Local Expertise: Our deep-rooted understanding of Knoxville’s climate and its potential impacts on properties enables us to offer effective, durable solutions.

Quality Workmanship: We take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality, delivering repair services that not only stand the test of time but are also backed by comprehensive warranties.

Customer-Centric Service: Central to our operation is the satisfaction of our customers. We maintain open, honest communication to ensure you are well-informed and comfortable throughout the repair process.

Community Focused: More than a business, we are a part of the Knoxville community. Our objective is to assist our neighbors in recovering from wind damage swiftly and efficiently, minimizing life’s disruptions.

Litespeed is one of the highest rated roofers in Knoxville.

  • Litespeed Construction: 4.8/5
  • Knoxville Roofing Pro: 4.6/5
  • Tennessee Weatherproof: 4.7/5

Getting Started with Your Wind Damage Repair

Navigating the aftermath of wind damage in Knoxville, TN, can feel overwhelming. Our personalized approach is designed to provide clarity, peace of mind, and a roadmap for initiating wind damage repairs with our expert team.

  1. Safety First: Inspect for Hazards and secure the area
  2. Document the Damage: Take Photos/Videos and make a preliminary list of items affected by wind damage.
  3. Contact Your Insurance Company: Initiate a claim and keep your insurance contact information handy.
  4. Reach Out for Professional Assistance: Schedule a free estimate and set an appointment for inspection
  5. Review and Approve the Repair Plan: Understand the scope of work, ask questions, and approve the plan.
  6. Prepare Your Property for Repairs: Clear access areas and secure personal items.
  7. Stay Informed and Involved: Keep open communication and provide feedback.
  8. Post-Repair Review: Final walkthrough, warranty, and follow-up.

Ready to talk with a roofer?


Wind damage on a roof can manifest in various ways, and the appearance of the damage depends on factors such as wind speed, the age and condition of roofing materials, and the quality of the roof installation.

It’s important to inspect your roof for signs of wind damage after severe weather events. If you notice any of the above signs or are concerned about the condition of your roof, consult with a professional roofing contractor to schedule an inspection.

Wind and storm damage on a shingle roof.


  • Missing shingles or roofing materialsHigh winds can lift and remove shingles or other roofing materials off the roof,  including nails, tiles, or metal panels.
  • Curled or Lifted Shingles – Winds can cause shingles to lift up, causing curling, bending, or peeling.
  • Water stains – Wind damage on a roof can create holes or openings in the roof, allowing water to enter the ceiling or walls.
  • Debris on the roof – Look for wind-driven debris, such as tree limbs, that can cause structural damage to the roof.
tree damage, falling branches on roof, storm damage restoration needed