Seam tape is designed to splice together two layers of EPDM roofing to create a waterproof seal. Flashing tape on the other hand is not specific to EPDM roofs and can be used for multiple things. It is made of uncured EPDM rubber membrane laminated with a self-adhering sealant adhesive. It’s properties allow it to be very malleable and it conforms to curves if necessary. Because of its tight conformity it also is designed to keep out not just water but also to provide an airtight seal. Flashing tape is typically more sealant than seam tape, meaning seam tape does have a higher risk of allowing water to get into the cracks and cause leaks-which of course escalates the scale of problems that now need fixing. Litespeed Construction prides itself in working with quality products and would recommend flashing tape for commercial roof repairs to help assure openings in a commercial roof are sealed tightly, preventing further issues from arising in the future.  Call us today if you suspect an issue with your commercial roof and we will get the job done correctly the first time.