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Here for You When You Need Us Most!

Home ownership is expensive, and sometimes roofing costs are unexpected. Frequently, we can help identify potential insurance claims in case of damage, but that’s not always an available option. 

So, what do you do when you don’t have cash onhand to pay upfront for roof maintanance needs? You find the most affordable and easy way to finance your new roof or roof repairs.

Litespeed Construction can help with your roof financing. We are here when you need us most!

Standard Credit Payment Options

Litespeed Construction takes credit card and debit card payments. There is no charge to process these transactions, and owners will receive a Certificate of Completion with any credit card transaction over $500. Standard receipts of transaction will be issued on all payments processed. If you don’t have the money or credit card funds available, our financing plans are a great option.

Roof Financing Options

We offer in-house and easy term financing.  Take a look below.

How heat in the attic damages a roof. Fix it with Home Owner Education Resources.

Roof Tips & Home Owner Education

Need more home owner education tips and guides? Visit our Home Owner Education Resources page for more from our home owner educational series.

Our YouTube channel is another great resource for free info for home owner and business roof problems. Visit us on YouTube & Subscribe for more. Here are some samples from our Roofing In Real Time series. 

In-House Financing

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Is also an in-house financing option. Litespeed Construction offers flexible ⅓ ⅓ ⅓ payment options for our owners. Litespeed would collect ⅓ when materials are dropped on site. A second payment would be made when our job is completed, usually this can be offered with a credit type of transaction so that there is not too much financial stress put on a property owner. The last ⅓ would be collected with a net 30 either via credit card or via check.

⅓ (On drop material) + ⅓ (On Completion) + ⅓ (Net 30)

Please discuss the payment processing with your project manager before construction. Litespeed Construction standard offer is to collect ½ payment when we drop materials, and the other ½ payment upon completion.

½ (On drop material) +½ (On Completion)

We are here for you when you need us most!

Easy Term Financing at Litespeed Construction

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When you need a longer term option with affordable monthly payments, Litespeed Construction still has you covered. We have partnered with Service Finance Company, LLC (a trusted lender with great customer service) to bring you easy term financing for your roof construction project. 

Have credit concerns?
Relax, we have options for most levels of credit – down to 580 FICO.

The Consumer Credit Center: Let The Experts Help You Decide Which Credit Program Best Fits Your Needs.

– Loan Amounts up to $100,000 –
– Unsecured –
– No Equity Required –
– Fast, Secure, Paperless Process –
– No Proof of Income Under $20,000 –


Use Dealer ID # 510127966 if asked.

    Short Term Options: Deferred Interest or No Interest

    • 12 Months
      Deferred Interest
      Minimum Monthly Payment
      Plan# 1012
    • 6 Months
      No Interest
      No Payment
      Plan# 2006

       Long-Term Options: Fixed Interest Low Monthly Payments

      • 120 Months
        (Minimum $3,000)
        Plan# 4121
      • 60 Months
        (Minimum $1,000)
        Plan# 4202