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Wind Damaged Roof with active leaks

  1. 1
    damages around pipe boot

    This could be because the shingle seal was weaker on the pipe boots allowing wind to get under and bed the shingle back.

    this is a picture of sidewalk chalk used to mark a wind damaged shingle on a roofthis is a picture of chalk marking a wind damaged shingle and someone lifting this shingle up

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  2. 2
    More Damaged Shingles

    As you can see here, there are more damaged shingles.  

    this is a picture of wind damages to a shingle this is a picture of shingles that are easily lifted together also known as zippered shingles

    this is a picture of shingles that are wind damaged on the edge of a roof  this is a shingle on the edge of a roof that is blown off

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  3. 3
    Wind Damaged shingles

    Several areas are wind damaged, which we marked with chalk so that the homeowner could see the damage. 

    this is a picture of a shingle that has been blown off the roof

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  4. 4
    Homeowner has file an insurance claim.

    After our complete inspection, we noted that there were 24 total wind-damaged shingles, and the homeowner has filed a claim with his insurance claim. 


    this is a picture of chalk marks on a roof that was made by an insurance adjuster to count wind and hail damages

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  5. 5
    cracked shingles

    As you can see, these shingles shouldn’t lift but do. This is because the shingles have cracked, and the tar strip is no longer sticking.


    wind creased this shingle we used chalk to show the crease to the insurance adusteranother wind creased shingle that is marked for an insurance adjuster to see

    this is a wind damaged or fractured shingle

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  6. 6
    more damaged shingles

    this is a picture of another chalk line on this roof showing wind damages to the shingles

    this is the dragons tooth of a dimensional shingle that has become creased

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  7. 7
    Major damage in one area.

    these chalk marks shown in the picture are there to show an insurance adjuster shingles broken by storm damages

    another picture of the widespread damages to this roof

    this shingle is lifting and has creases because of wind damages

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  8. 8
    Not as much damage on the back of the roof

    The front of the roof took the brunt of the damage, but the backside still showed some wear. 

    this is a picture of a chalk mark to the shingles where there is wind damages

    this picture is of the top of the dragons tooth of a dimensional shingle and it show the shingle has blown off dragons tooth

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